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Engineering Specifications


20% 30% 40%
Off until movement detected

Load and Draw Profile

Wattage requirements for applicable components.

Power Source(s)

Our controller can accommodate both grid connect and PV power only configurations. Additional information will be required if power station is to be connected to grid.

Yes No
24/7 Just on at night
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Project Location


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PV solar collector mounting

Solar pole heights typically round steel and range from 12' - 30'. Aluminum may be used for shorter poles, typically in the 12' - 20' foot range.

Hours of Operation

Standard hours of operation

Maximum hours of operation (ie longest period of darkness; Dec 21st)

Lighting required

Site specifics

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Camera Info

Lamp levels required

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Control and monitoring requirements

Functions include the ability to change lighting profiles, check solar panels, perform short circuit test, adjust battery level, reboot system remotely and much more.

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Proactive versus reactive maintenance can determine when batteries or solar panels need to be replaced.

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Remote troubleshooting and control slashes maintenance time and cost.

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Uptime refers to the system's ability to keep the device(s) powered for 100% of the operating hours. For instance, 10 operation hours per day for 362 days a would equate to ~99% uptime.


Depending on Lat/Long location of project, PV panels may able to be mounted on pole using PV flex film or PV panels mounted on surface of pole. Additional costs are incurred when the PV panels are applied to the surface of the pole

Mounted on pole Housed in pole
Mounted on the surface Mounted on arms
Black Other

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